nxt2normal - January 2018 

Hello all of you normals on this unseasonably bright and warm January morning. The weather is so beautiful that it got us thinking of you and we wanted to say hi. Winter’s harsh and relentless sub-freezing temperatures have left us for a brief time out but those bone-chilling, tear-freezing blasts won’t leave my memory anytime soon.

Now seems like as good a time as any to wish you a healthy and peaceful New Year. They are passing too quickly for my comfort.

We’ve been spending our Monday nights working on some new material and updated arrangements. We’re hoping for a March return to Chaplin’s in Spring City to warm you all up and chase Winter away for good. Look for our update or check the website www.nxt2normal.com around Valentines’ Day. 

We are also shooting for some outdoor events in the Spring. They seem to bring a lot of you out – I’m not sure if it’s the beer, the food or the price of admission.

Hope you are all doing very well and that we’ll see you at Chaplin’s .


Love Always,